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DuMarkus Davis - Violin Instructor

A native of College Park, GA, DuMarkus currently serves as one of the lead violin instructors for Musicbuk. However, violin was not the first career option for the now music instructor and concert violinist.

“Being from College Park, most of my peers wanted to be rappers or play sports, but I never felt like these were the best options for me. Being a quiet child, I focused more on the arts as I felt they were the best way for me to express myself. When the time came to pick an instrument in middle school, I started in band but after failed attempts at multiple instruments, I was ready to give up. It was not until I was given a violin that I truly could express myself in all the ways that I wanted.

However, after getting my first violin, there was another challenge, finances. The instrument itself was costly but after adding private lessons and the cost of maintenance and travel to performances, I knew it wouldn’t be feasible for my family. Luckily, throughout my years I have had many patrons whom have funded lessons, travel to performances, and even my instrument. All this culminating with my attending The San Francisco Conservatory of Music on a full scholarship from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Because of the opportunities I was afforded due to individuals from my community, I make it a point to give back to each of my students and help introduce students in communities of color to the violin. Without the violin, I don’t know where I would be today.”

DuMarkus is a shining example of how music affects the outcome of a child’s life.